Yo! Deus Ex Machina here, a frustrated IT student. Loves to play Pokemon and League of Legends. I love sweets, I hate haters who overestimates ethics and such...

I'm your resident gamer. And yeah of course, I know ALL the game titles like online or console games.

I'm an anime addict, I know also not all but most of the anime title series because I have so many animes old or new that I've encountered since childhood. I'm also collecting anime stuff like toys, mags, keychains etc.

And not but not the least I'm an Artist :D

I'm into digital fan art.

... thats all I can share for now...

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The adventures of me wearing my graphic tees/dresses that have to do with video games or shows while working at Hot Topic. True story today.

Guys, stop doing this. It makes you 20000000 times less likely to pick up a girl. Stop “checking” us and let us love our things. 

let someone do that to me

I want a Majora’s Mask dress ;o;


✩ outfit 014 ✩ chimera ant ✩
black tank


By のぐ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


By のぐ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

You’re kind and wonderful. That’s what caused all this mayhem.


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